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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Tuesday's Tip: The last Tip of the Year

     I hope all my tips and post have helped you this year.  2014 was one heck of a year and as we start to close it out I hope everyone is ready for the next year.  Each year comes with new challenges, things our kids with bring to us.  I hope for those of you who found my page you learned something and always feel free to post something.  I will start off the new year with some new post as well as some ones I couldn't fit in as well. 

     Over all this was a great year, we has some struggles and some downfalls but we learn and move on.  My tip to you before the new year begins is just enjoy your kids.  Don't put to much pressure on them, but don't let them just walk all over you!  Laugh with them, lay with them, enjoy a good meal with them.  Anyway you put it just have fun with your kids.  Try to get along with your Ex and do the best you can.  Remember not ever battle is worth fighting for so choose them wisely.  As your kids get older watch them grow and see what they have become.

     Take time to start your own blog or search for new ones.  Don't spend to much time on the computer however!  When it gets nice out enjoy the weather, if its not have a movie day!  Just relax and let the new year roll in.  I think I have given all the tips I can for this year and will roll some new ones out next year!  I hope to also roll out some new features on my blog next year soon to. 

     Like I said however just Love your kids, that's the only tip anyone can give.  Forgive them when they are bad, correct them when they are wrong, congratulate them when they do something good and show them they always don't need a reward.  We do good and don't look twice, we do bad and think about it...

Like I always say and mean,

Always Remember,

You are never alone.


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