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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

We're Engaged!!!

    So this past weekend Kayla went home to her parents house up North.  The past few months we have been under a lot of stress because of the roof that is now finally fixed.  We needed a new roof and ceilings inside per some damage this past winter.  So with the roof finally fixed and now we were broke!  It happens however, we were nervous we were never going to get married so we talked about what we could do.  When we were on our way I started getting my plan ready.  When we arrived to Kayla's parents house we settled in and just got to talking.  Later that night I talked to Kayla's Mom, and just told her how much I care about Kayla and will take care of her no matter what.  Not to long ago we were offered a ring from Kayla's Nanna.  It was a ring her husband gave her when he was diagnosed with cancer before he passed away.  Kayla's Mom was very happy and said she would talk to her Mom.  The next day everyone had things to do and I just relaxed and made some calls.  I talked to Nana and thanked her so much for what she was doing.  I told her I would get Kayla her own ring one day but she said not to worry and that Kayla's Pappa would be so proud. 

     Later that day Kayla's dad came home and I got a chance to talk to him we sat down over a beer and just got to chat.  When ever we come to visit I like to hang out with him and talk in the garage.  We put some music on and just relax, I could tell he was very happy for us and after I asked he gave his blessing.  When Kayla's Mom came home she had the ring and cleaned it up.  She then gave it to me and I took Kayla out for a drive.  I told her I just wanted to get out for a drive.  I took her down the road to a beautiful spot on the river and we took a walk.  I then talked to her and proposed.  She was shocked and even though we talked about marriage she didn't know and she couldn't believe I had a ring.  We went back and she got to tell her family I could tell how happy she was and I was so happy we go to do it all right there for her family.  We had dinner that night and the rest of the weekend we just hung out and Kayla got to go see her friends around the area and just talk to them as well.  I know we wouldn't be up there for a little while.  We set a date for this August and are very happy!  We have some planning to do but other than that we are just enjoying the summer and everything with it.

     Over the past several years I wasn't sure if I was possible of marrying again.  It wasn't easy and it did talk time.  The heart maybe one of the most difficult parts of our body and spirit to heal.  Over time our relationship has been tested and time and time again we have come though stronger and stronger.  I think one of the hardest parts was overcoming the anger one can have.  However I knew when she won Quinn over she won me and that didn't take long...  So now with a wedding this August we start planning. We are ready and don't need a drawn out time frame. So I will keep you all posted!  Thank you all for your love and support!

So usually on Tuesdays I have a tip.  My tip is to be happy and even if your days are dark remember that the dawn always comes and to fight whatever is trying to bring you down.  Fight hard and let your heart heal, let go of your anger and forgive.

It has been a long journey and there is still more to come so I always tell my readers or anyone that has come by my page to always have faith and keep life positive.  I was once in a darker time than were I am now but there is good and light in this world that won't give up on us no matter how dark we think our day is.

Always remember...
You are never alone..


Her ring!

Here we are!

Quinn and Kayla before our trip. 


  1. CONGRATS!!!! I am so happy for you and I pray that your marriage will be a happy and blessed one. And don't forget to post pics of the ceremony. :) You all look great and very happy.

    1. Thanks Soo much Alisha!!! I can't wait to keep you updated!!! Will share pics for sure!!

  2. Congratulations to you and your soon to be wife!

    Glad I found your blog. Read several previous posts and all were encouraging. Stay awesome!