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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Teaching them takes time...

     So tonight on this mid week break we had a lesson learned.  So I picked up Quinn and we headed home.  When we arrived she wanted the TV on and she knows she only gets a little after dinner.  Well after I said no she got mad and threw her bunny.  Stuffed animal that is, I don't want anyone freaking out my kids throwing animals!  Well I picked it up and told her she lost it tonight.  She went nuclear it is her most prized stuffed animal.  She has to know she can't throw things its not right and if you do you loose it.  Well she cried and stormed around and I had her cool off in her room.  Kayla talked to her and calmed her down and before dinner I gave her an option.  She can go without bunny tonight and that's it, or she gets her bunny but no TV at all this weekend when we get her.  No movies in her room not one second.  Now I wasn't sure what she was going to do because she needs that darn bunny but no TV all weekend is big.  Well she took not having bunny we told her she has to eat dinner and go to bed with no issues at all and she did.

     We had some dinner and talked and she understood her punishment.  Kayla talked to her and told her she can't throw things.  She was ok and understands now that you have to come home and relax, she knows she doesn't get a little TV till after dinner.  So we went to bed and got ready, we did some reading and she is getting better I will admit.  I am proud to say she has been good and only really thew some fights a few times here and there.  It is hard going between two homes I am just trying to instill we can't just hear yes and we have to relax if something doesn't go our way.  Also like I have blogged before you do have to stick to your guns.  You can't say something then take it back like a punishment.  I gave her two options later but if you do they will know you don't mean business.  Giving out punishments isn't fun or easy but when you have to do it right and let them learn.  As we get older we still bump heads with our parents trust me just ask mine, however we learn more importantly to be adults.  Now she is a child and learning I know I had my moments and maybe I am hard on Quinn sometimes.  Just they need to respect what is given to them so never let your child come in after you worked all day and start giving orders it doesn't work that way.  Be nice but be in control, your house, your rules.

     She is upstairs sleeping and she went to bed, she has other stuffed animals and she is doing ok.  I hope she learns and I feel she did...  It's parenting...

Always Remember,
You are never alone...


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