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Thursday, December 3, 2015

Getting the Snowblower Ready!

     So tonight my Dad again saved the day by coming over and making sure our snowblower was working correctly.  He came over and we had to do some adjusting, we had to fix a few things and take some of it apart.  I had some older gas in there still that we had to get rid of and put the new gas in.  Then we got the rest of it set and started it up with the new gas.  So far looking good!  After we did a quick oil change and we should be ready for the snowfall.

     If you haven't yet, get ready if you live with snow!  Make sure you have a way to clean it out.  Like I said check your snowblower now!  Well you should have a while ago and I even said this lol, but I didn't know I would have the issues I did.  I guess that's what makes life up.  So before you have snow on the ground and its really cold, check that snowblower if you use one!  You do not want to have snow fall and then realize you can't get out to work or remove it.

    So I say thank you so much Dad!  You again tough me so much.  It really would have sucked to have snow falling and wondering why the blower was not starting.  It is now fixed and ready so now all it has to do is snow.   Please no overnight snowfall mother nature, I am not a morning person...

Make sure you are ready for winter!

Always remember,

You are never alone...


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