"Make sure that what you are doing and striving for is going to be worth any sacrifices you will have to make along the way. If it's a relationship, job, anything in life."

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Happy Octoberfest!

     This past weekend we took Quinn to the annual Octoberfest, she loves this event and was looking forward to it when she got picked up!  My Mom's side is German so growing up I got to learn about the country and it's background.  I even had an exchange student come over and then I along with some classmates went there for 3 weeks.  Germany was beautiful.

     We have been taking Quinn to this event for years now.  There is German food, and music and lots dress up in tradition attire!  It cost a bit to get in and well the foods overpriced but what are you gonna do right?  We went in the afternoon which was nice per it was slower and less people.  We got in and got some food then sat down to just listen to the music and eat!  Quinn loves the food and did a great job cleaning her plate!  Some of the singers came from Germany for this event.  It really is cool that they do this for the people to come and enjoy.

     A very nice man stopped over and gave us his left over tickets which we used to get a pastry for Quinn.  It was so nice of him to do that for us and we thanked him.  After we ate Quinn was cute and asked me to dance.  We had a dance and just had fun.  The day was just awesome and Quinn had a blast.  After we went to a park near by and watched Quinn play a bit.  We had so much fun and the weather was great.

I hope everyone had a great weekend!

Always Remember,

You are Never Alone...


Quinn having lunch!

The Band!

Some came from Germany!  He comes every year!

A sweet treat!

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Happy Birthday Aunt Ro!

     This past Friday was Aunt Ro's Birthday.  Kayla, Quinn and I took her out to dinner to celebrate!  We took my aunt out to dinner per we knew that is something she would love.  At dinner we just talked, had fun and enjoyed the company.

     Quinn got to catch up Aunt Ro on her school and how things were going and it was nice to just celebrate!  After dinner we went out for ice cream and just enjoyed the evening!  We had a really nice time just having dinner and some ice cream after.  As you get a bit older getting taken out for dinner is all you need, some good company and shared time.

     We wanted to wish you again a very happy birthday and for all you do!

Here is Quin and Aunt Ro after ice cream!

Always Remember,

You are Never Alone...


Thursday, September 14, 2017

Celebrating the First Week of School!

Hello all,

     I hope everyone had a wonderful first week of school!  Last week was Quinns first day and she did great!  Now entering 3rd grade she is getting used to to it all.  She also attended some summer help for skills like Math and Reading!

     Every year I have watched her get on the bus and most recent Kayla now too.  Something a parent just enjoys.  I always felt it was a milestone, every year I take a pic as she grows older and older.  Still one of my favorite day.  The excitement of the new day and year to come.  Seeing her get on the bus and hope for the best.  I look back at how fast it went for me and now how old I am.

     Her first week went well, she is really enjoying her class and teachers.  Her love for school makes me so happy per its so important.  An education will get you so far in life.  

     She told us I can come see her first day until 5th grade.  I laughed and said I'm coming till shes in 12th, she said ok. haha  A parent would to, they would go till their last year to see how far they have come.  Soon Quinn will grow up and turn to friends before her parents, but until then she's still my little girl...

To all the kids I hope you had a wonderful first day!

Always Remember,

You are Never alone...


Here we are!  Quinn and Dad!

Quinn getting ready for her first day!

Quinn and Kayla!

Monday, September 11, 2017

Remembering Today. September 11th.

     September 11th 2001 was a day many of us will never forget.  It was the day we were attached on multiple level.  As time went on America healed but we never forgot.  We rebuilt and every year we come together to have a moment of silence for this day.  Many of us think about this day more than just on today and many more visit the sites to pay respect.

     Since the attach I have visited NYC but not in several years.  I can still remember where I was when the day came.  I was in college about a year in and honestly as the day led on at work that night it was just like shock.  I just couldn't believe it was really happening.  Everyone was just watching TV and just seeing what happened and how.  I can't imagine what the people at those sites were thinking.

     As the years came and went we rebuilt and several years ago I remember hearing that the date was now being taught in school because the new generation of students were to young to realize it or were not even born yet.  It was a tragic event, however hearing this it was new to me.  My whole life I never had a really big event after I was in school that was now taught.  This date is now a part of history I was around for and now being taught in school.

     It was an event that shook us to our core and we made changes to prevent this.  War isn't like it used to be.  People bomb and kill others in sneaky way.  They hurt and kill civilians because they are afraid to fight our military up front.

     I think the world has more good than evil, it's sad the evil makes the news so much but we are trying.  I do hope everyone remembers this day and takes a moment to pray for those and what happened that day.

We give our prayers to those we lost this tragic day...

Always Remember,

You are Never Alone...


Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Happy Birthday Mom!

     This past weekend we celebrated my Mom's birthday.  It was a good long weekend and hope everyone enjoyed their labor day!  Again, I know my post have been far and few and I am sorry.  My computer is making it difficult and honestly with Quinn getting older we spend more time just living life!

     However this weekend we had a small get together and celebrated Quinn's Oma's birthday.  We stopped over and let Quinn enjoy time with my parents as we hung out and talked and played.  She hasn't been over in a little bit per they were out of town so it was nice to catch up.  Quinn had a great time just spending time with them.

     My parents cooked up a good meal and we all sat down to eat and just talk.  After dinner we celebrated my Mom's birthday.  We had some cake and ice cream and Quinn showed off her reading skills on the cards that were given.  We even had a few gifts for my brother who's birthday was a few months ago and Kayla's.  We missed a few due to injury and people being out.  I will post again don't worry.

     The night however was a lot of fun and we just got to relax.  Quinn was very well behaved and had a wonderful time too.   The rest of the weekend went really well honestly and I wanted to post to say Happy Birthday Mom.  Thanks for all the love and support.  We had a lot of fun spending time with you and hope you had a great day!

Here is Quinn with Oma!

We got a good pic with Uncle Kenny to!

     All in all we had a very fun night and hope everyone has had a great summer as well.  Things have been busy but I do want to post more often.  

Happy Birthday Mom!

Always Remember,
You are Never Alone...


Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Happy Birthday Kayla!

Hello all!

I hope you didn't give up on me yet!  I know I am so far behind on posting but with everything going on it has been just so busy.  However I do feel its been nice not having to live behind a camera or computer...

     I wanted to with the love of my life a very happy birthday!  We have been married two years this August and together about 4.  She has accepted me for who I am. (A drama Queen)  Also loved my daughter as her own. (she's a drama queen to)  She has done such an amazing job just being there for us even when things were tough.  She is such an amazing person and wife.

     So today for her birthday we have some fun things planned but I just wanted to say, I hope you have a wonderful day today loves, I know we both had to work but tonight we have a fun night planned and I can't wait to just go out!

     To everyone who knows Kayla, they know how sweet and caring she is.  How she thinks of everyone but her self and how much she loves the world and her life in it.  For those who don't know her just read the last line over again...

     Thank you for all the love and support you have given me through the years, you are so amazing...

Happy Birthday!

Always Remember,

You are Never Alone...

(I will update this post with Bday pics when we take them!!)


Monday, May 29, 2017

Memorial Day Weekend!

     I wanted to wish everyone a happy Memorial Day and hope everyone had a great weekend.  Always remember those who game their lives to protect us and others.  Memorial day isn't just a day or weekend to get together and eat.  It's to remember all those who served and gave the ultimate sacrifice.

     We picked up Quinn Friday and headed over to some friends for dinner and just hanging out.  Quinn was so good she played, and just was a great kid.  Saturday we had some family over and had some dinner and again just took it easy.  Quinn was on meds per a small ear infection that was trying to grow, but we stopped it!

     We spend the rest of the weekend visiting other friends and family as well.  We even had a christening Sunday Morning which she again was so good at!  It honestly was such a busy weekend this post would be pages long.  I wanted to keep it short for anyone honestly still getting this and know we will be posting more and getting back on track!  I posted a lot before and wanted a break, now I don't post much at all!  So I really wanna get back into helping parents and talking about our adventures.

     Quinn really is having a great year, she is almost done with Softball, yes she plays now!  I know I am so behind I'm so sorry!!!  You probably think she is in college by now.  No, she's still a Kid...  I just wanted to say I am here and will be posting more regularly as well as reading more of the post and blogs I love.  

     I hope you all had a great Memorial Day and again I will be in touch sooner!!!  

Always Remember,

You are Never Alone...


Thursday, May 4, 2017

May the 4th be with you!

     Image result for may the 4th be with you 2017

     Who doesn't love May 4th!  Now that Star Wars blew up over the past several years this day has always been one of my favorites to post!  Being born in the early 80's Star Wars was very big and growing up I loved the movies, games and just everything about it.  Then they started making the earlier ellipsoids like 1,2 and 3 and well we know how that went.  I think they did a good job, for the most part.

     We saw 7 the night it came out, what an amazing event and night!  Then we saw Rouge one.  That was amazing as well.  They really did a good job on that and I really feel things are working out.  It was so sad when the world lost Carrie Fisher/ Princess Leia.  It was such a sad event and the community was just in morning and I feel still is.  She passed away right after her Mom, it was such a sad event.  However today in spirit we wanted to say we miss you and we love you.  She made such a great comeback in her career and will be missed.

     We hope everyone had a great day today and remembers what a fun day this is and just show a little Star Wars spirit!

Always Remember,
You are Never Alone...



Image result for princess leah
You will be missed so much Carrie...

Image result for star wars 
May the 4th be with you!

Monday, April 10, 2017

Happy Siblings Day!

     Hey everyone!  I hope everyone has been having a wonderful year so far.  I know I haven't been posting as much and I have a bunch of stuff to catch you up on!  I will be posting more as the weeks come!

     Today is a day to celebrate your sibling!  I have one brother and two brother in laws!  They are all great and different in their own ways.  My brother Ken is a few years older than me and growing up we were different but he always looked out for me.  We had a great relationship and as we were in college he found himself at a few of the parties I threw at our parents house!  We live different lives with very different jobs but when we get together we always catch up and just enjoy ones company.

     My brother is such a good uncle to Quinn and loves seeing her.  He also pushes her buttons and drives me crazy but that's what uncles are for.  Over the years you can see even my big brother has a big warm heart for her.  My brother was always there for me and even got me out of some tight jams I managed to get my self into!  Since we were in college we would go out to dinner on New Years Eve and I am so happy to say we still continue this many years later.

     My newer brother in laws Andrew and Connor have been a very fun and positive addition!  I don't have any sisters but I guess I give enough drama to play that role!  It has been really cool getting to know both of them.  We play video games online, and hang out when Kayla and I visit or they come here to visit us.  Both are like my brother, gentle giants...  When Kayla and I are around all three of them they look like our security staff!  They too have grown to really just love Quinn which has been a blessing.  You only hope you bring your child into a loving new family when you remarry and I am very thankful they area all so wonderful to me and her.

     She loves going to see them or when they visit, she even says hi to them when I am gaming.  I am very bless over they many and now fewer years to have all these really awesome guys I call brother.  I am also so happy my brother has taken in Kayla and loved her as his sister.  I know he can be protective especially after a divorce.  She has proven she is different and will take care of me which I think is all he asks...

     Kayla and I are so happy we have such amazing brothers.  We wanted to say we hope you reach out to your sibling and say hi today and how much they mean to you!  We love you guys!  Even if you don't read my blog! haha....

I hope you all have a great day!  Our siblings are below...

Always Remember,
You are Never Alone...


Here I am with my big bro Ken!

Here is Kayla with Connor (left) and Andrew.  


Tuesday, March 21, 2017

National Single Parenting Day!


Image result for national single parent day

  Hello everyone!  We are not dropping a Tip today but letting everyone know today National Single Parenting Day! I am however remarried but for many years I was a single parent and want to reach out to everyone because every year more come up.

     There were a few tough years Quinn and I made it work and we had fun doing it.  We went out and created adventures!  There were times when I found my self alone in my house just wondering how bad it was or how quiet it was.  However we came around and if you know any single parents out there just see how they are doing.  I don't plan on making this post very long just saying there are so many out there and being a single parent is hard, very hard...  So send them a TXT or a call and see how they are doing.  You never know you maybe the one that goes over and just gives them some time which is something they just need...

    To all the single parents out there, take one day at a time! Go slow and just relax, spend time with your kids, spend time just alone with some thought or a good book.  Remember if you love your kids they will absolutely love you back.   This also goes out to other family members or friends who are there because the parents can't be there.  Remember being a parent isn't just giving life its raising it...

There are a lot of single parents out there and unless you have even been one you have no idea the struggles they go though.  Lots of love to the single parents, and to the people in their lives helping them grow.

Always Remember,
You are Never Alone...


Monday, March 20, 2017

A weekend to heal...

    Hello all!
I hope everyone has been having a wonderful year so far!  For us it's been really busy.  I know I haven't posted nearly as much but like I say, enjoy life and post later.  I wanted to post about the past weekend and I know I am behind on a lot of what we have done!

     This past weekend was a quiet one, Quinn had a bad double ear infection so she didn't end up coming over till Saturday morning per she was in so much pain.  That day we just stayed in and rested.  Watched a few movies and just hung out!  We ended up making some Taco's for dinner, which we all love!

     The next day Quinn was feeling much better so we took some time to do some cleaning and organizing.  She worked hard on her room as did we.  We got the house picked up and cleaned and then took some time to play some board games!  We let her pick per it was her weekend.  She has been working on her counting skills as well as game play.  Kids have to realize they need to play fair and be kind in the making.  We had a lot of fun and she ended up winning to!

     Quinn was cute, we talked to her Friday and she felt bad about not coming over.  We both told her not to worry and that it's better if she just goes to bed and rest.  Honestly I took what my ex said and didn't let it get me upset.  I know she wasn't feeling well so instead of trying to get her to come or fight we just have to relax and know what's best.  We did lose a night but its ok...  That weekend Quinn kept saying how bad she felt for not coming and how sorry she was.  We just kept telling her to stop worrying and that we just wanted her to get better.  We know she wants to come visit and now on Sundays she doesn't like leaving, but when she gets older its something she can address.  It stinks for now but we have time....

     I honestly miss posting about the family events and plan to step up more as it gets warmer out.  We have a bunch of things to update you on and I will be doing so, along with my Tuesday Tips that I have been slacking on!  Either way we have just been enjoying life and as she gets older the memories grow too.

We hope you all had a great weekend!

Always Remember,

You are never alone..


Here we are just enjoying the day with some board games!

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Happy Birthday Dad!

Hello all!

     It has been a few weeks but we have just been relaxing and getting some things done to.  Like I said blog less and enjoy life more!  I hope this finds all my readers well!  A few weeks ago was my Dads birthday and we ended up celebrating on a Wednesday when we had Quinn.

     We headed over and my Mom had dinner going.  We just hung out for a bit per grandparents just like to spend time with their grandchildren...  It was nice because we haven't seen them in a while.  We all had dinner and after just celebrated his birthday with some cards and singing!

     We couldn't stay very late per Quinn had school the next day but we did have enough time to just be together and have fun.

     Happy Birthday Dad!  Thanks for all you do!  My Dad has always been a good Father to me and my brother.  When we were kids all the way up to still today he raised us to be independent but still was there to help if we needed it.  He has come over to my house late at night to fix things or help me because there is an issue with something there and I need him.  As time goes on I know I seem him when we do get together's but its ok because we still all hang out and catch up.

                                               Happy Birthday to a great Father!

Here he is with Quinn!

     I hope everyone takes time to celebrate their fathers birthday or just call him if he is to far to visit.  Fathers are very important and remember if you a newer one to be there for your child regardless of your upbringing.  We depend on them more than we will ever know...

Always Remember,

You are Never Alone...


Monday, January 30, 2017

The Annual Scout Klondike!

     This past weekend was the annual Boy Scout Klondike.  Since I was young I have been attending this even, and once in High School I started working it.  For almost 20 years I have seen kids come and go, as time went on it was one of the few events I had time to still do.  This event is one of my favorites because of how long I have worked it.  I worked the "Snowball Toss".  Really throwing tennis balls as I caught them on a speed gun.  It was fun the kids loved doing it and trying to get the fastest score.

     Over the years we have had some really fast scores and over time we started giving trophies out for kids that were older and a section for those who were younger.  Ever year I would be there making sure I worked this event and every year my Dad and Brother would be there too as we took our annual picture.

     My Dad this year gave a great speech as he had Veterans come out and retire a flag.  They all said a few words and my Dad talked about how special they are.  I always enjoy hearing this speech and know how much he loves giving it.  Once the opening ceremony was done the kids all left and started doing the events!

     The day was fun, cold but very fun.  Being outside all day does take a toll but there are a few fires here and there for some events I would go to and warm up.  We had lunch and then finished up the events.  After everyone went down to the main field and we did the great sled race.  Before however I got to give out fastest pitch trophies.  It was something I always loved to do.  I handed out the trophies to these kids that weren't even born when I was working this event and then we started the race.

     The kids had fun and the race was great.  Everyone had such a great time and we packed up and started to head out.  I left and headed home, when I got there being outside finally took its toll as I was drained.  This event always takes all the energy I have but yet I wait to do it every year...
So we close out another year again and as I post this to my fellow readers I want to say I hope you all have something you really enjoy.  I hope you have an event you just look forward to and have fun with...

I hope you all enjoy the pics...

Always Remember,
You are Never Alone


Here are the Veterans walking out.

My Dad talking about what they do for us.

 Retirement of a Flag.
Here we our!  Our yearly picture!

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Tuesday's Tip: Bunker Down... It's Winter!

    Hello all!,
     I hope everyone is having a great start to this new year.  For those who live in warmer states this may not fully be the post for you, plus if its 70 degrees or so we don't wanna hear it!  This is the post for those who live in the colder areas.

    So now that winter is here yes we are allowed more movie days/nights!  So today my tip is to relax and let the snow fall...  With the cold weather here I just wanted to remind everyone we are allowed more days of just staying in!  Of course if it is nice out enjoy the snow, build a snowman, fort or go skiing/snowboarding.  However there are muddy cold days that just stink so yes, my orders!  Stay warm and dry.  Take this time to play inside with some board games or other toys.  You and you children are at risk if you are out in the cold to long.

     Here are a few tips we have for you!

     1)  Don't stress.  Winter comes every year just get used to it.

     2)  Play indoor games or do crafts with your kids to keep them busy and learning!

     3)  Put in a fun movie and have some popcorn!

     4)  Spend some time outside, but not to much fresh air is good, but cold air is for the birds!

     5)  Do some cooking!  Make cookies or different dinner recipes.

   You can still do things like go to the gym here and there but don't worry about a few pounds that add on!  Besides the gym is packed right now with all the people going who think they are gonna actually keep going! ha-ha....  Sometimes if we don't have Quinn Kay and I do a movie day or play games.  We go shopping or just keep busy by cleaning up the house a bit.  Either way I have been living with Winter my whole life so yea we are used to it.

     However Cabin fever is a thing and can happen.  Take this time to just relax and stay warm, it will get warm in a few months and you can rush outside to start your spring cleaning soon enough...  Enjoy the winter and do a bit of hibernating!

     Stay safe, put a movie in!

Always remember,

You are Never Alone...


Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Tuesday's Tip: Keep you and your car safe!


Hello all,
     Winter is now in full, cold swing!  So I wanted to give everyone a few tips to help them stay out of trouble when it comes to their cars!  Getting stranded is not fun, but in the winter it can be very dangerous.  You need your car to be running without an issue during the very cold months or you can have a problem, a serious one.

     Keeping your car running is not that difficult, however during the winter months you do have to adjust what you do and we wanted to give you a few tips you might be interested in that can keep you moving!

1)  Make sure your gas tank is between 1/2 a tank full to full.  You don't want to drive on a low tank during the winter because your car will use more gas and you can find your self out sooner.  Also the weight of the gas will help hold your car down as you are driving in the snow.

2)  Make sure you have good windshield wipers!  We only check them when they break...  Well make sure they are in good shape.  Besides the rain winter time we use them the most.  If they break while you are on the road it could be a big problem.  Get new ones or check them out before the winter months start.

3)  Check your windshield washer fluid!  Since we are on the topic of windshield wipers, make sure your car is full of fluid.  We use this fluid mainly in the winter to clean off salt as it hits our windshield.  Once you are out the view will be very hard to see if you can not clean it.  Keep the topped off!

4)  Wash your car!  This is not to look pretty but getting the salt off will help prevent rust and other issues.  This will wash off the dirt and salt that will ruin your car frame and other parts that will cost you lost of money in the future.  You also want to get the snow and ice off of it and out of the wheel wells.

Be aware do not wash your car in very cold weather.  If it is below freezing the water from the car wash will freeze and ruin your car.  Very cold temperatures will not allow the salt to work so don't panic.  Wait for it to warm up and then go get it washed.

5)  Very important, make sure you have good tires!  Make sure your rotate your ties through the year and just importantly get them checked.  If your tires are balding you will not get 5 feet out of your driveway!  You need good tires  especially during the winter.  So keep an eye on them and save slowly during the year to pay for them!

    With regular oil changes and just regular tune ups you should be fine, however most important!  Drive Safe!   Be careful when you drive and be mindful of what is going on.  This will keep you and others safe.  With this in mind please have a great winter and yes, if you are going to do doughnuts in your car go to an abandoned parking lot and don't get caught....

Happy Winter!

Always Remember,
You are Never Alone...


Saturday, January 7, 2017

Eve gave us a scare...

Hello everyone,
     I hope the New Year has been good to you!  Before Christmas Eve was not feeling well,  She started peeing in our laundry bins and we got worried.  After the holiday we brought her in and they had us test her pee.  They thought it was a UTI and she got a shot.  She got one for her rabies booster as well so she had a big day!  Poor Kitty :(

     A couple days ago she did it again so the vet said bring her in again and they can do an X-Ray.  We did today and they found some small stones in her Bladder, we were sad but the vet said its no worry we just have to update her diet.  She gave us some pain meds for the poor cat as well and we were off.  We will have to schedule another visit  to do one more X-Ray.  We mixed the new food in with her old food and in a few days will just move her over completely.  Pets are such a big part of our lives and well going to the vet can be expensive!  What would we do without them however.

     Eve has been in my life for a very long time, she moved out with me when the divorce was going on and has adjusted to the new home very well.  When I was all alone she was there just giving me company.  I know one day she will move on but for now I just am not ready.  She really is just a good Cat.  She hasn't shown pain or anything.  She has been sick a few times and never lets us really see or hear it.  She just keeps quiet which is also why I worry!  So with this new diet we think the PH level will change and she will be ok.

     So now we have to get Rx food but its ok if it makes everything ok.  Quick note, do not look up vet stuff online!  You will just worry and think you are in trouble!  The bill wasn't that bad and the cat will be ok so no more looking on my own!  I hope everyone takes care of their pets and knows how important they are.

    To our loving Cat, you will get better!  We will always look out for you.

     Here is to our Eve "PorkChop" Kitty.  She is doing so good and we wish her a speedy recovery!
We hope everyone has a great weekend and hug your pet!

Always Remember,
You are Never Alone...


Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Tuesday's Tip: Start off the New Year Great!

     With the New Year here we hope everyone had a great and safe time celebrating the New Year!  We wanted to put out our fist tip of the New Year!  We hope everyone has a good year this year and remember it is a new year so just remember this is a great time to just start fresh and make a clean slate.

  So here are a few tips from me to you to start your new year off!

1)   Honestly try to start a New Year's Resolution.  Think of something and work to making it happen to better your self.

2)  Parents, get a game plan for your kids.  Think of ideas for the year now and then you won't be bored as time goes on!

3)  Make this year the best year you can!  Then next year, repeat!

4)  Think about the past year or so, see what didn't make you happy and see how you can change it...

5)  Remember, another year will come so don't stress when issues come!

     There are so many more I can give, but honestly just take this time to relax, embrace the new year and know there are many more to come!  Enjoy this new year and take it as a clean slate!  A chance to really start a resolution and stick with it!

I hope everyone has a wonderful year to come!

Always Remember,

You are Never Alone...